When to Hire a Marketing Agency?

When to hire a marketing agency

When Should you Consider hiring a Marketing Agency?  Is a question often asked by business owners.  As a business owner, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself many times how you’ll know when you should hire an outside company to do your marketing or if you should do it in house. In fact, it’s the most often searched phrase on Google regarding small business marketing. Perhaps you’ve been a “do it yourselfer” when it comes to marketing and you’re not sure if you want to give it up. Or maybe you’ve hired a marketing firm in the past but haven’t received the results you were looking for. Either way, if you’ve been asking yourself when you should hire a marketing agency, here’s a few things that will help you decide.

You should hire a Marketing Agency when…

  1. Marketing is not consistent or predictable

    Some business owners are very diligent about posting relevant, useful posts on social media every day or nearly every day. Other business owners enjoy doing a weekly email campaign or writing blogs monthly. There are also business owners who make sure that their website is regularly updated with useful information.

    However, if you’re finding that these things are not getting done on a timely basis in your business, it’s time to look at hiring an agency. We’ve met plenty of business owners who post content infrequently, if at all. They may have a blog page on their website but haven’t written a blog since 2017.

    It’s easy for a small business to let marketing slip through the cracks. If this is the case with your business, you’re doing a huge disservice to your business by not bringing in professionals.

  2.  Not sure what you should be doing for marketing

    “I’ve tried so many things that haven’t worked”. “Social media doesn’t work for my business”. “Advertising is such a waste of money”. “Email marketing is so last year”.

    These are actual quotes from small business owners that we’ve known. For marketing to work, there needs to be a plan and strategy that is followed consistently, with valuable content and specific calls to action.

    If you are a business owner who thoroughly enjoys the idea of creating and implementing a marketing strategy, that’s great. That’s exactly how we got started in marketing. But if you’ve ever thought or spoken any of the quotes above and don’t have a consistent marketing strategy, you may want to look into hiring an agency.

    **One very important point to remember.  Your marketing efforts should be in alignment with what your customer wants.  One thing we have found is that most business owners aren’t really looking for better marketing, they are looking to grow their business.  So…creating content that appeals to the questions potential customers have is critical.

  3. Don’t have the time, interest, skillset or personnel to do it yourself 

    If a marketing “system” has not been built into your business and you don’t have anyone on staff who is skilled in marketing and managing a marketing program, it’s time to hire an agency. We’ve seen many businesses put someone in charge of marketing who has no business being in that role. For a marketing program to work, you need to be crystal clear on your audience, a compelling message, and how you will reach them. If you’ve assigned a member of your staff to oversee marketing simply because they have the time, you’re not going to derive many results from your marketing efforts.

  4. Don’t really enjoy or understand marketing 

    If you totally understand the need for better marketing in your organization but dread the thought of doing it yourself, it may be time to look at bringing in an agency. Or you may simply not understand the various aspects of a successful marketing campaign. That’s perfectly fine. There’s no way you can be an expert in every aspect of your business. When business owners lack an understanding of marketing but try to do it themselves anyway, it’s almost always substandard. You might not totally grasp messaging and the proper ways to deliver your message. If this is the case, you’re doing your business a disservice by not looking into professional marketers.

  5. Used to be a good “do it yourselfer” but you no longer have the time

    We’ve seen this many times over our career. In fact, before we became a marketing agency, we were very good at doing our own marketing. There’s a percentage of business owners that seem to enjoy marketing, they’re good at it, and they can get results. However, as time goes by and your business grows, you might not be able to continue giving your marketing program the time and attention it needs. This can be particularly difficult for business owners. If you’ve had good results, it will be a challenge for you to trust anyone else to take care of it. But we encourage you to take the time and do a proper search for an agency that can meet your needs. The last thing you need is for your marketing program to fade away and become ineffective.

There are likely other scenarios when you should consider hiring and agency. But in our experience, these are the major ones. We wish you continued success!

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