Yes, Virtual Meetings Can Be Successful

Over the past few weeks, with lots of social distancing, business owners (and most other people) have been relying on virtual meetings to get business done. However, this has left many wondering if virtual meetings can be successful. There are many products out there that have allowed us to stay in touch for little to no additional cost. Microsoft has a product. Zoom has become very popular along with Free Conference Call and others. Whether it’s for business or personal reasons, virtual meetings have become the norm.

Watch this week’s episode of Duct Tape and Popsicle Sticks “How to Make Virtual Meetings Successful”.

For some, it is taking awhile to get used to virtual meetings. Many have asked us if it’s possible to still have meaningful conversations virtually or even if it’s appropriate to try to close business virtually. We’ve particularly heard this question from financial professionals. They are concerned that the lack of face to face meetings could harm their relationships with their clients.

While we understand that it has taken a bit to get used to, we can assure you that it’s perfectly appropriate to conduct meetings via video conference. Everyone understands that this is the way it needs to be done for now.  Virtual meetings are working out quite well, as you can still see people, hear them, and see their body language. It is the next best thing to being in person. In fact, people are becoming quite astute at virtual meetings.

People have realized that it’s ok to talk business. After all, we still need things, ie, financial services, food, commercial cleaning services, marketing ideas, lots of things. We still need to help each other get things done.

Over time, most will come to realize that online meetings can be just as effective as in person meetings. In fact, it may somewhat change the way we do business permanently. Stick with it and it will become second nature.

As you can image there is resistance from some.

As a result, last week, I wrote an article on this topic, and created a step by step guide to walk you through the process of how to host your own video conference.

Click this link to access the PDF we created A Step by step guide How to Host a Video Conference with Zoom

I hope this is helpful to those that are in need of this information at this time.

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